​Cullen Jewelry Design

​I create jewelry including bracelets, earrings, rings, & necklaces.  Ideas for my jewelry are inspired by nature such as flowers, leaves, or water as well as the from world around me in patterns or designs found on a ceiling, wall, architecture, and textiles for example.  My designs consist of clean, crisp shapes, flowing smooth lines, movement, swoops and swirls.  My jewelry is manufactured by manipulating metal sheet or wire (usually sterling silver).  This involves techniques including cutting, shaping, hammering, soldering, rolling, tapping, & stamping.  I incorporate other materials such as beach stones, seaglass, or gems and beads into my pieces to add variety and often an organic flair.

Simple, sleek, and organic.​

Cullen is a mother of two - a son, Evan, 18, and a daughter, Casey, 15.  She and Matt, her husband of 20 years, reside in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. 

Cullen is a graduate of Cushing Academy in Massachusetts where she  was introduced to metalsmithing through a course taught by master silversmith, Bob Johnson, and was instantly enthralled.  She then went on to graduate with a BA from the University of Southern Maine with a concentration in photography while also studying metalsmithing at Maine College of Art (then Portland School of Art).

For several years following college she held employment positions in banking, bookkeeping, & office management as well as layout distribution & record keeping for a  photography studio .  Later, she managed a self-employed consultant position that enabled her to be a stay-at-home mom while her children were young.

Cullen has recently reignited her passion for metalsmithing and photography, which were pushed aside when raising a family took priority.  She is now taking on her love for metalsmithing as a career. 

Cullen’s work can be found at Made In Maine in Portland & Bath, ME, Nine Stones in Ptld, ME, One Lupin in Bangor, ME, The Nest in Brunswick, ME, Suger in Biddeford, ME, CIA Cafe in South Portland, ME, Summer House in South Portland, ME, and Archipelago in Rockland, ME.  She currently participates in local artisan shows in addition to selling her work online and is featured in Closebuy Catalog. (Links provided on home page)

Cullen is a member of Maine Made America's Best & The Society of East End Arts.